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Welcome to the Am I A Celeb? Walk of Fame! The only Walk of Fame dedicated to celebrity look alikes!

  • Santa Claus Look Alike rangerrick

    rangerrick January 2011

    RangerRick has been a long time user of Am I A Celeb? and has ranked high for not only his Santa Claus picture, but also for other pictures he has submitted. The thing that sets him apart from the competition is his willingness to dress up and play the part. He really gets into character, and it shows in his ratings. Congrats to our first member on the walk of fame - Fits that he was chosen following the Holiday season.

    Rating : 9.23737373737374
    Votes : 198

  • Mischa Barton Look Alike bella

    bella February 2011

    This Mischa Barton look alike has been a member of our site for years and deserves a spot on our celebrity look alike Walk of Fame. Her uncanny resemblance to Mischa Barton has allowed her to continue to rank highly year after year, and even after our site was reset and rebuilt, she rose to the top once again, even after the show "The O.C." was taken off the air.

    Rating : 8.73
    Votes : 175

  • Brad Pitt Look Alike PittParker

    PittParker March 2011

    One of our best (if not the best) Brad Pitt look alikes. This guy has submitted numerous photos, so don't be surprised if you see another one make an appearance on our Walk of Fame in the future. When it comes to looking like Brad Pitt, looks is obviously one thing, but having the attitude and expression is another, and this dude has got it!

    Rating : 8.59
    Votes : 203

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